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Welcome to Mrs. Nowak's Fabulous Fourth Grade!!!

We are off to a great start.

My name is Dorothy Nowak and I have been teaching full time at St. Christopher School for 20 years and consider it my home away from home. As parents, my husband and I chose to send our own three children to this school for their elementary years. During that time and beyond I was not only a volunteer parent but also I was a substitute teacher in grades K-8. My educational background is a Bachelor of Science in Education received from Chicago State University. As a parent, substitute teacher, full time teacher, I have always appreciated and respected the outstanding education the children have received and a sense of community that St. Christopher School offers.

I am proud of our school and the people who make it special, its students, teachers and YOU, the parents!

Our goals are to provide a classroom atmosphere in which through understanding, encouragement, and building good work and study habits, our children can learn to become caring and responsible individuals


RELIGION:We will be learning the Prayer for Peace, attending Mass weekly, understanding the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments and emphasizing weekly gospel study.

4th and 5th READING: We will utilizing textbooks,novels,and literary magazines in out curriculum this year.

SCIENCE: Scientific Method and experiments,research project on famous scientists, Physical Science,and earth Science topics will be covered this year.

4th SOCIAL STUDIES: Landforms and regions of the united States plus their states and  capitals will be focused on throughout the year.We are currently studying the Northeast region and learning all the states and capitals for this region.

5th SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be learning about the Explorers that came to the Americas,founding of the European colonies, the American colonies, and the American Revolution.

STAY INFORMED:Graded papers are sent home each Friday in a folder. Please review all these pages with your child and sign and return all test papers and the FRIDAY FOLDER on Monday.    ****Take time to check the Homework Site


Monday-MUSIC                 Wednesday-          Thursday-GYM/ART

Tuesday- COMPUTERS               Friday- LIBRARY


1.Show respect and courtesy to peers, teachers and administration.(Treat others the way you want to be treated)

2.Be responsible for your actions.(Make wise choices)

3.Be prepared for all your classes.

4. Carry a positive attitude.

Additional Reminders:

Remember the late work policy.  If you do not have your work when it is due, you need to fill out the form  and turn in both the work and the form within three school days.  

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Book it! Reading Log Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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